Self-levelling stopper. Easy Sand is a next generation self-levelling filler stopper. The product has been specially formulated to reduce the working time and speed up the repair process without any concession to quality. It contains special ingredients that reduce the heat generated by sanding, allowing a faster sanding process without clogging the paper. Due to […]


Fibre-reinforced polyester filler with Kevlar® Fiber Tech is a fibre-reinforced polyester filler with Kevlar® that is easy to use with no compromise on strength. Fiber Tech ideally combines the advantages of different glass-fibre technologies. The short high-tech strands enable a smooth and even application, comparable to a normal polyester body filler. The addition of the […]


Flexible polyester stopper for plastics Poly-Flex is a highly flexible polyester filler stopper for the repair of plastics. The product has been developed to give the maximum amount of flexibility when repairing bumpers and other flexible plastic parts with exceptional adhesion characteristics. Due to the low viscosity and self-levelling features it is easy to achieve […]


The world’s best premium light-weight universal body filler. Rage Ultra is the new light-weight, universal, premium filler for 90% of the everyday repair processes. Through the unprecedented curing and sanding features the repair process is not only significantly speeded up but also markedly increased in quality. Save time, material and eliminate costly re-work! Rage Ultra […]