Unique Hybrid-Polyester Primer Filler.

Slick Sand is a new, unique hybrid polyester primer filler with a high solids content giving exceptional filling and film build properties. 200-300 um in just one coat is easily achievable.

SLICK SAND is the ideal product for the preparation of restoration and customising projects, for use in the wood industry, for casting and modelling and also for marine. It is the USA’s favourite primer filler.

Exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates. With the minimum effort in sanding you can achieve the very best surface for the paint system of your choice.

Test it yourself and experience the many advantages it brings to your repair process!

  • Unique hybrid-polyester formulation
  • Incomparable film build
  • Flat, smooth surface without shrinking
  • Very little hydroscopic-absorption
  • Gel-coat like
  • Optimum adhesion
  • Directly over-paintable with top coat incl. water based
  • Easy sanding
  • # 104708 – 0,946 Liter
  • # 104709 – 3,78 Liter
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