The world’s best premium light-weight universal body filler.

Rage Ultra is the new light-weight, universal, premium filler for 90% of the everyday repair processes. Through the unprecedented curing and sanding features the repair process is not only significantly speeded up but also markedly increased in quality. Save time, material and eliminate costly re-work!

Rage Ultra does not feel or look like a normal filler. There is a good reason for this; The low viscosity of the material encourages the correct application of layers of material. This results in an even, smooth, pin-hole free surface. The patented formula, containing the new premium ECORESIN, allows itself to be sanded during the curing process. In this case the initial sanding process can be started at 8-10 mins. In addition to the fast curing, Rage Ultra also possesses exceptional light sanding characteristics. An unprecedented amount of stock removal can be achieved without effort or changing of abrasive. The sanding process can be started at P180 – P240 grit.

With Rage Ultra the sanding process is finished in appx. 20 mins. Compared to a conventional filler which mostly can only be started at 20 mns.

Test it yourself and experience the many advantages it brings to your repair process!

  • The very latest filler technology
  • Unique, sustainable premium giving unprecedented curing and sanding benefits
  • Reduces application and sanding time by up to 46 %*
  • Improved sandability by up to 30% reduced abrasive consumption
  • Even, pin-hole free application of material
  • Exceptional adhesion with a super smooth finish
  • # 101341 – 3 Liter
  • # 101232 – 1 Liter
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