Flexible polyester stopper for plastics

Poly-Flex is a highly flexible polyester filler stopper for the repair of plastics.

The product has been developed to give the maximum amount of flexibility when repairing bumpers and other flexible plastic parts with exceptional adhesion characteristics. Due to the low viscosity and self-levelling features it is easy to achieve an even, smooth, fine, pin-hole free surface.

POLY-FLEX can be used on all hard, flexible and composite plastics including SMC and polyester filler.

Test it yourself and experience the many advantages it brings to your repair process!

  • Extreme flexibility
  • The very latest filler technology
  • Excellent adhesion thanks to ZNX-7 technology
  • Self-levelling
  • Easy sanding
  • Even, smooth, pin-hole free finish
  • # 104411 – 880 ml
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