Fibre-reinforced polyester filler with Kevlar®

Fiber Tech is a fibre-reinforced polyester filler with Kevlar® that is easy to use with no compromise on strength.

Fiber Tech ideally combines the advantages of different glass-fibre technologies. The short high-tech strands enable a smooth and even application, comparable to a normal polyester body filler. The addition of the Kevlar® adds incredible stability and strength.

These special features make the product the ideal choice for the repair of automotive parts such as fenders, front aprons, spoilers and side skirts etc.

Thanks to ZNX-7 technology Fiber Tech offers excellent adhesion to aluminium. SMC as well as all metal substrates.

The high density and strength of the product prevents cracks over weld seams and effectively masks the repair area.

Test it yourself and experience the many advantages it brings to your repair process!

  • Fibre-reinforced polyester filler with Kevlar®
  • Extremely strong thanks to the Kevlar®
  • Smooth and easy application due to short, hi-tech fibres
  • Exceptional adhesion qualities thanks to ZNX-7 technology
  • Easy sanding
  • # 104116 – 814 g
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