Ultra-lightweight polyester body filler with exceptional filling capabilities

EZ Ultra Lite is the lightest polyester body filler with exceptional build qualities and incomparable sandability. For the fast and easy filling of large repair areas – EZ ULTRA LITE is the right product.

Easy, even application of product combined with light sanding and heavy filling properties enables the quick and effective repair of large damaged areas. This quick process saves much time and money when completing larger repairs.

EZ ULTRA LITE is ideally suited for the repair of trucks and trailers as well as commercial and construction vehicles and trains.

Test it yourself and experience the many advantages it brings to your repair process!

  • Ultra-light formula
  • The very latest filler technology
  • Ideal for large repair areas with a high build
  • Super easy-sanding with exceptional stock removal
  • Excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates
  • # 101342 – 3 Liter
  • # 104126 – 1 Liter
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